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Norito Yoshizawa

Home delivery service
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Living with Delicious fruits
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Home delivery
Fruits and Vegetables
"Seika Biyori" packaging and branding design.
Work, housework, childcare.... Work, housework, child rearing...the days are always hectic. At times like these, why not prepare yourself and your mind with a life full of fresh fruits and vegetables? Seika Biyori have the power to heal both body and soul. Whether you are the one eating them or the one preparing them, everyone will feel refreshed. What if we could create such a scene at "Seika Biyori" It was born from the desire to bring fresh, high-quality fruits and vegetables grown with care by farmers into your life. This is a home delivery service specializing in fruits and vegetables, delivered by a wholesaler specializing in fruits and vegetables under the theme of "Life with Delicious Fruits and Vegetables.
The main focus is on photos (visuals) that show the colorful and fresh fruits and vegetables that are nurtured by farmers with much care and effort, bathed in the natural sunshine. The graphics (packaging, etc.) are simple, with text and logo elements placed in the four corners to maximize the quality of the photos, while the fruits and vegetables are illustrated to add warmth. The logo is written vertically as if it were written with a heart.
Home delivery service
Creative of
Brand Book & Dressing
Fruits & Vegetables
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Home delivery
Fruits and Vegetables
Client:Delica Foods
ART Director / Designer: Norito Yoshizawa
Photographer:Hiroaki Sugita
Production Manager: Taika Iwamoto,Yuki Futagami