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Norito Yoshizawa

墨田区錦糸町の伝統工芸である切子細工の"切子紋様(小紋)"をモチーフにグラフィックパターンを制作し、各フロア毎(7F / 計7つの切子紋様)のオリジナルサインやピクトグラムへ落とし込みました。色味は、切子ガラスの伝統色"藍色"と"朱色"を用いて表現しております。
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We were in charge of the signage design for the renewal of Kinshicho PARCO. Our goal was to create a signage design that would fit in with a wide range of age groups, from the young to the elderly, and that would be unique to Kinshicho.
We created graphic patterns based on the motif of "faceted patterns (komon)," a traditional craft of Kinshicho, Sumida-ku, and incorporated them into original signs and pictograms for each floor (7F / 7 faceted patterns in total). The colors are expressed using the traditional colors of faceted glass, "Aiiro" and "Shuiro".
The space is a fusion of the traditional "faceted pattern" (komon), which will never fade, and the new Kinshicho PARCO.
Department store
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Creative Director / Art Director: Kenzo Shibata
ART Director / Designer: Norito Yoshizawa
Photographer: Takuro Shizen
Production Manager: Takuya Kuwayama